Welcome to the UEMS Section of Medical Genetics

Registration for the ECMGG 2024 has closed. Registration for the ECMGG 2025 will be open from October 1st, 2024, to January 31st, 2025.
For information about the ECMGG examination: https://www.uems-ecmgg.org/Home.html

Welcome to the Section of Medical Genetics of the UEMS

In line with the general mission of the UEMS (www.uems.eu), the main purposes of the Section of Medical Genetics are the harmonisation and improvement of professional standards regarding the training, qualifications, practice, and continuous education of medical geneticists in European countries.

The specialty of Medical Genetics (also known under the title of Clinical or Human Genetics in different countries) has witnessed enormous advances during the last two decades due to the Human Genome project and new technologies opening up the era of genomics, and to a growing understanding of its clinical importance as a specialty encompassing genetic diseases at all ages and affecting all systems. At its core, Medical Genetics comprises the knowledge of, and research on, the link between genetic variants and clinical findings. Because genetic techniques and investigations are also used in mainstream specialties, and as Medical Genetics plays an increasingly important role in the medical care of patients, the field demands considerable interaction with other specialties as medicine becomes increasingly multidisciplinary.

All this has to be reflected in the requirements for training, assessment and examination, and continuing medical education (CME). Our most prominent current projects are the development of an online exam, both for a written and oral part, for the European Certificate of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ECMGG), and the revision of the syllabus. A CME registry is under construction in collaboration with the European Board of Medical Genetics (EBMG) and we actively participate in the work of the CESMA and EACCME branches of the UEMS. We are in close contact with the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) and wish to expand the professional relations with other Sections relating to optimal patient care.

Please consult our website for current information or send us your comments or suggestions for its improvement.

Ute Moog
Section of Medical Genetics

Latest News & Articles

March 2024

ECMGG Workshop Copenhagen

  • The annual workshop to prepare the oral ECMGG exam 2024, to review multiple-choice questions for the exam 2025 and to discuss general developments, extended by a training day for question writing and for examiners.
Mar 2023

ECMGG Workshop Paris

  • A hybrid workshop to prepare the oral ECMGG exam 2023, to review multiple-choice questions for the exam 2024 and to discuss the general development of the annual workshops.
March 2022

ECMGG Exam Workshop Lodz

  • An in-person and by teleconference workshop to write multiple-choice questions for the ECMGG, test the CYIM database and discuss the further development of the exam.